EyeEm Vision aesthetics

EyeEm has developed game-changing image recognition technology to instantly identify the best photos on your phone based on visual appeal. We've trained this algorithm using millions of the world's best shots. 
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So how does The Roll score my photos?

Each photo is assessed by its aesthetic qualities and examined using over 500,000 different factors based on artistic principles and techniques. This helps you quickly identify your best photos.

A team of photo curators trained this algorithm, including photos that are widely considered "iconic". The Roll identifies your best shots from a purely photographic angle to allow for exceptions. But even the smartest machine can't beat personal taste.


How does The Roll add keywords to my photos?

A photo typically contains physical objects as well as moods and emotions. The Roll uses EyeEm Vision to understand and detect these components and concepts.

The technology can recognize and tag over 20,000 keywords – and that's growing every day. Keywords are then attached to the metadata of the photo. This helps you find the photo you’re looking for in a flash.


And how does The Roll protect my privacy?

The Roll will never store any of your photos on its servers.
All photos synced will be deleted immediately after scoring and keywording.

Images by @alyonagamm, @Kickin, @nicceliavyone, @jlmonet, @aesthetnik