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Architecture images can capture an unbelievable amount of history; from a Gothic water-side palace in Venice to a 21st century glass-fronted skyscraper in the heart of the metropolis, each building has a unique story to tell. Let EyeEm help you tell your story: Browse our online collection of beautiful architecture photography and find the one to complete your website, magazine or side-project. From national landmarks to hidden gems, the world’s tallest building to the understated cottage you drive past every day, EyeEm has the architecture photo you’re after.

Where artistic beauty meets engineering marvel, amazing architecture is something we take for granted on a daily basis and rarely stop to admire. In fact, there’s no better basis from which to learn about civilizations past, or to discover more about a new culture, than by studying buildings. From bricks and wood to floor-to-ceiling sheets of glass, architecture photos from EyeEm show how varied and colorful this topic can be.

Can’t tell your neoclassical from your renaissance and your baroque? Not to worry, leave that to the pros. Architecture fans from around the world are uploading architecture photography to EyeEm on a daily basis, and brick-by-brick we’re building the greatest collection on the internet. With images from both mobile photographers and seasoned professionals alike, our diverse and ever-changing albums of architecture photos are yours to access, contribute to, and use for your own purposes.

Royalty-free and competitively priced, our straightforward licensing options have made browsing, ordering and using pictures of architecture easier than ever. Lend your new commercial or editorial project a modern, personal touch, or give your existing promotional material a new facade. Stock photos like you’ve never known them before: Explore architecture photography from EyeEm today and be inspired!