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Be the Brightest and Most Brilliant with Color Photography

From eye-catching images of the Indian festival of colors, Holi, with clouds of brightly colored powder filling the air, to the vibrant colors of rainbows, the Northern Lights and other natural phenomena, color photography from EyeEm is sure to help your project stand out from the crowd! Let us connect you with original material from creative young photographers and help you find the color photo to give your commercial or editorial project the edge!

Whether you’re creating stand-out web ads for a new venture, looking for the perfect visuals for a print editorial piece, or giving your social media presence a breath of fresh air, a brilliant color image may well be the answer. Colorful pictures from leaves on trees to fireworks in a night sky, parrot’s feathers to a spectacular sunset, up the saturation with EyeEm’s online collection of color photos!

If hunting for creative stock photos is leaving you feeling blue, fear not, there is an easier way! Thanks to our royalty-free and competitively priced licensing agreements, getting your hands on our albums rich in color images is simpler than ever before. With mobile and professional photographers from all over the world uploading their work to EyeEm, brighten up your stock photo search today! Whatever you’re working on, be it print or online, magazine or website, give your project a burst of color!

If you’re looking to become the brightest color in the pencil case, finding the perfect shade for you has never been more straightforward, and if color photography is what you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place. Discover how simple browsing, ordering and using stock images can be and paint the town red with color pictures from EyeEm!