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It’s Show Time with EyeEm’s Collection of Music Pictures

If you believe that there’s a song for every situation, then you and us here at EyeEm have something in common. What’s more, we’re convinced that there’s a photo for every purpose, and we’ve got it right here! From an LP in rotating motion to the lights and buzz of a live event, there’s a unique music image right here at EyeEm to tell whichever story you’re looking to share. Browse our ever-changing albums of crazy music pics and tune into your audience!

From the laser beams and heat of the crowd during a DJ’s headline show to a live steel band as the sun sets on the carnival, music is about far more than just the sound; alive with color, light and emotion, music presents endless photo opportunities. From an intimate crowd to an army of dedicated fans, it brings people together and EyeEm’s music pics showcase all the unforgettable magic and energy of live events. Be sure that your visuals aren’t falling flat - give your audience an experience they won’t forget with music images from EyeEm!

With photographers on-stage, in the crowd, and making music from the comfort of their own homes, EyeEm’s magical collection of music photos is sure to enliven and inspire. From mobile event photography by young music lovers to professional snaps by classical fans, see your instrument from a new perspective and buy a piece of the action. For royalty-free and competitively priced music images, EyeEm’s licensing agreements are straightforward and easy to understand. Bringing your creative project to life and hitting the high notes has never been easier.

If music photography isn’t your forte and you’re looking to turn to young creatives for your inspiring visuals, let EyeEm get you in tune with your audience and help you take center stage.