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Make a Splash with Underwater Photography from EyeEm

Would you like to be under the sea, in an Octopus’s garden in the shade? Unless you’re Ringo Starr, probably not. It could be a cold, terrifying, expensive and a downright dangerous endeavor to embark upon. So why not compromise and have a look at the underwater photography on EyeEm Market to fill the desire that you thought the Fab 4 created within you? We have an abounding collection of underwater images that you’re sure to love.

They say that reality whistles a different tune underwater and things may not always be as they seem, which is why we’re sure our underwater images will interest you. Whether it is underwater pictures of a school of colorful fish swarming round the ocean in perfect unison, or a singular lone shark stalking its prey that you are searching for your project, EyeEm can deliver. Our photographers have captured the beauty of the ocean from an equally beautiful perspective.

It was once remarked that the only way to truly observe a fish is to become a fish. At EyeEm we beg to differ, our sensational undersea pictures are an ideal opportunity to observe what is going on beneath the watery surface. Using an underwater photo from EyeEm is sure to see your project making waves.

Pick a single underwater picture, or as many as you require, then you can choose the copyrights which work best for your project on a one-off single fee - there really isn’t anything fishy about it. Our underwater pics capture the mammals that wandered of land some 50 million years ago and decided to call the sea their home, like Whales and Dolphins. Our underwater photography also celebrates the playful moments shared between friends in the shallow water by the beach.